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Our Story

Born from the wanderings of a creative and travel-obsessed mind, born and bred London girl 'B' (who'd like to stay anonymous for now) wanted to create her own, colourful online bazaar that would be a treasure chest of all those brilliant & beautiful accessories you discover when travelling, in small boutiques dotted around the UK, or after searching multiple websites and magazine articles. Those unique pieces that no-one else has the exact same of, and which are always attached to a story or happy memory- a cool market, a tiny boutique hidden in a side alley, a colourful souk, a hill tribe village....

There are plenty of fashion websites catering to the two big consumer markets - high street and high-end- but where are the online shops for discovering beautiful, high quality, handmade products, created by artisans from all over the world? 

From the women who pour their time and energy into their craft in Ecuador to sustain their lives, to the artist designing prints from a small workshop in London's East End, we want to represent them all and showcase their gorgeous products and stories.

There is something magical about an artisan creating a product that is both useful as well as beautiful out of raw materials. Buying and using these handmade pieces helps to keep alive many traditions and skills often honed over generations, as well as allowing us to enjoy a connection with the creator that you do not get with mass produced products.

The luxury in what we sell comes from the fact each item has been lovingly handmade and sourced from all over the world - everything you buy from our shop has a story attached to it. 

The products we have hand-picked fuse timeless elegance with that bright, free spiritedness of seasoned travellers. If you like pretty, bohemian or ethnic accessories, then hopefully you'll love our curated products!

The products you’ll see are not things you necessarily need, but rather pieces that will allow you to have some fun with an outfit/home, and which you can pass off to friends as a “little something I picked up on my travels in {insert country}."

If you have any questions, concerns or are interested in a collaboration, please email: