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Extra Small Turquoise Pendant Earrings

Sidai Designs

Extra Small Turquoise Pendant Earrings


These small, delicate earrings will add a pretty pop of colour to an outfit! 

These boho inspired, dangly earrings will happily add a playful sparkle to an outfit and will most likely brighten your mood as well! 

Handmade statement earrings are one of those pieces of jewellery to treasure and pass down to daughters, nieces, goddaughters as they have unique stories attached to them and are lifesavers for instantly lifting an outfit from simple to chic. 

More details:

  • 1.5" (length)
  • 14ct gold fill chain tassels
  • 24ct gold plated beaded pendant

About Sidai Designs
A jewellery brand based in Arusha, Tanzania, Sidai Designs creates colourful, beaded jewellery that is inspired by traditional Maasai design and beading techniques.

Founded in 2011, Sidai Designs is also a non-profit organisation that supports Maasai women by providing them with economic empowerment through fair trade policies. Sidai Designs are committed to helping overcome poverty in Tanzania, and their mission is to improve women's social standing in the community. 

Sidai Design's jewellery is created completely by hand from up-cycled materials, such as old grain bags, oil canisters, recycled metal beads, and yogurt pots. 

Jewellery plays a key role in the Maasai identity - Sidai Designs is helping to give a voice to these women and preserve their traditional craftsmanship skills.