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Pavana Midnight Blue Zip Purse
Pavana Midnight Blue Zip Purse
Pavana Midnight Blue Zip Purse


Pavana Midnight Blue Zip Purse


Inspired by colourful motifs painted on Indian trucks, this pretty blue purse is designed in Paris and handmade in India using traditional block printing techniques.

Due to its compact size, it will fit easily inside a clutch bag on nights out and inside tote bags during the day.  

More details:

  • Zipper closure
  • Shell : 100% cotton
  • Lining : 100% cotton
  • Colour : midnight blue
  • Dimensions : 9 x 6 inches
  • Dry wash

About the designer: Jamini
Jamini, a Hindi word meaning the color purple, is a lifestyle brand that has roots in India and which took flight in Paris.

Usha Bora, the founder of Jamini, associates savoir-faire and design from two great cultures to create something greater than their sum. She blends textures and motifs of different vintages and spaces that come together in a unique range of handcrafted lifestyle pieces.

Using centuries-old techniques to highlight how heritage carries within itself keys to modernity is Jamini’s philosophy. The brand offers a window into Indian culture and its skilled artisans, who are able to blend their traditional designs with contemporary 'Parisian chic'- resulting in a beautiful harmony of colour and patterns.

Usha glides effortlessly between two worlds and understands both perfectly. With the inventiveness of an alchemist, she identifies and isolates, curates and mixes, and ultimately accelerates and transforms. Jamini is much more than a lifestyle brand, it is an intriguing journey where reality transforms itself into poetic elegance.