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The Emily Boho Scatter Cushion
The Emily Boho Scatter Cushion
The Emily Boho Scatter Cushion

Inka Fabric

The Emily Boho Scatter Cushion


Inject some bohemian, Peruvian style into your home with some of Inka Fabric's wonderful handcrafted cushions! This bright, Emily cushion has been handcrafted from 'Peruvian Frazadas' and is made from 100% sheep's wool. 

Cushions are made for being scattered over a bed or sofa, to create a cosy and chic home!

More details: 

  • Insert included
  • 30 x 50cm 
  • Coloured with natural dyes
  • Zip closure
  • Hand wash or dry clean

About Inka Fabric
Inka Fabric, founded by Liz and Adolfo, is a homeware brand that sells bright and beautiful Peruvian cushions, throws and frazadas that are handmade by the top artisans in Peru.

Peruvian expat Adolfo, who now lives in the UK, wanted to showcase the rich culture and heritage of his home country through textiles, which are all created using traditional techniques and craftsmanship passed down through the generations. Whilst Liz is British, she has travelled extensively with Adolfo through Latin America, so she has a strong understanding of the culture, landscape, gastronomy, and design.

Each individual product by Inka Fabric is unique and handmade. As Liz and Adolfo commented, “we don’t just sell fabrics, we sell a tradition, we sell history.”