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The Flower Bucket Straw Bag
The Flower Bucket Straw Bag
The Flower Bucket Straw Bag


The Flower Bucket Straw Bag


Handmade in Ecuador, this floral designed straw bag will look beautiful on sunny days paired with a floaty white dress and some chunky gold jewellery. 

More details:

  • 21cm (height) x 64cm (width)
  • In dry climates or when exposed to the sun, the straw dries and should therefore be humidified from time to time with a water vaporizer. When the straw dries up and is squeezed, it breaks.

About Shicato
Handmade by women in Ecuador, Shicato are the go-to brand for bags, earrings, and accessories that combine sustainability and style. The bags, hand woven from toquilla straw or seeds, provide a livelihood for the women who craft them – providing them with a positive means to support their families.

When you buy from Shicato you support their vision to help support local women hand crafting which stays authentically true to their Ecuadorian heritage and preserves the culture they’re so proud of.

Strongly believing they can create a positive change, all products are sustainable so not only do they preserve the future of the women creating them, they’re kind on the environment too.