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The Royal Muse Tassel Earrings
The Royal Muse Tassel Earrings
The Royal Muse Tassel Earrings
The Royal Muse Tassel Earrings

Annabelle Hardie

The Royal Muse Tassel Earrings


Handmade by Annabelle in Valencia, these limited edition tassel earrings in gold, peach and nude have a gorgeous, vintage edge and will really lift an outfit from casual to chic. Also, looks can be deceiving, as these earrings are also super light weight! 

Handmade statement earrings are one of those pieces of jewellery to treasure and pass down to daughters, nieces, goddaughters as they have unique stories attached to them and are lifesavers for instantly lifting an outfit from simple to chic!

More details: 

  • Length - 10cm 

About Annabelle Hardie
From the age of 17, Annabelle had already designed her own jewellery collection in Australia, which was handcrafted using raw materials sourced from India. The pieces were worn on and off set of the hugely popular Australian show Home and Away. After a year of travelling, Annabelle ended her adventure in Spain and never left!

Annabelle Hardie is a jewellery and bridal design label that was inspired by Annabelle's exotic travels and the colourful, rich history of Spain. Every piece is lovingly made by hand by Annabelle in her Madrid studio, using high quality materials she has collected from her travels, such as on mountain tops, exotic beaches, vast deserts and hidden back alleyways. 

Annabelle wants the world to change their destructive shopping habits and buy pieces that they really love and will wear for many seasons and hopefully pass down. Her jewellery pieces are beautifully designed, colourful, feminine and one of those items in your jewellery box you'll always treasure and want to pass down to your daughter.